Technology and R & D

R & D


Based on its own R & D team, the R & D team of Bologna factory in Italy has strong R & D capabilities and participates in the formulation of European capacitor and power quality product standards. In the domestic and electrical professional colleges and universities for China's power quality problems to carry out cooperative research and development, combined with the European partner R & D team's advanced R & D experience to form a strong R & D system. This will enable our products to better integrate into the market, for customers to solve more power quality problems. Establish the position of Sberland Electric in the industry.


At present, Sberland Electric relies on China's strong power quality market, starting from the actual needs of customers, combining the advanced power quality concepts in Europe, and the various power quality needs of our global customers to comprehensively formulate forward-looking and practical R & D directions and products. Sberland Electric Company mainly focuses on the research and development of core technologies in the field of power quality harmonics, power factor, three-phase imbalance, voltage sags, grid voltage fluctuations, etc., and the development of power quality monitoring systems. At the same time, the company introduced foreign advanced testing and experimental equipment, according to the actual needs of customers, targeted research and development and experiments to ensure the effectiveness of the product, practicality and stability.