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Channel Partner Authorization Principles:

1. This channel partner authorization is only open to potential partners with long-term stable project resources.

2. We may give consideration to customers who have no experience in the electrical industry, but the requirements will be more stringent, depending on the region.

3. For the project procurement of individual large enterprises, the authorization of temporary customers will be given depending on the scale of the project. Only when the project procurement can have long-term and stable characteristics will the authorization of channel partners be considered.

4. The application requires the company name, company website, location, contact information, e-mail and other information to be sent to the mailbox.

5. Cooperation channel


Spelland Routes

1. Beijing Station: Line 2, Inner Ring Line 1, Line 5, Yizhuang Line-Tong 12, Line 5, Yizhuang Line-Tong 12

2. Beijing South Railway Station: Line 14-975 Road Line 14-Line 5-Yizhuang Line One Pass 12 Road

3. Beijing Daxing International Airport: Beijing Daxing International Airport Line No. 10 Outer Ring No. 1 Yizhuang Line-Tong No. 12     Beijing Daxing International Airport Line 10 Outer Ring Road 975

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