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Installation Instructions


In order to ensure that the field equipment can realize its value and extend the service life, so the correct and reasonable operation is the focus of the company for customers to consider. To this end, our company will organize professionals to go to the scene for customer operators to explain in detail and patiently.

Intelligent instrument is an important part of background monitoring, and correct operation will also be the focus of training. On-site training engineers will carry out each step of operation and detailed explanation according to the on-site instrument model, and guide on-site engineers to carry out actual operation.

Engineers will explain how to use intelligent compensation controllers and some common failure phenomena to operators one by one, and teach them simple troubleshooting methods to save time. In order to avoid the waste of resources and personnel.

Customized and engineered training services for your equipment resources, wherever and whenever

Our training experts help you get the power infrastructure and automation field, and extend the life cycle of hardware facilities through correct operation to achieve excellent value!