Technology and R & D



With high-quality production as the goal, the company requires itself to cooperate deeply with European partner production plants, introduce European rigorous production management experience, advanced production process and strict product quality inspection process. Ensure that all products of Sberland Electric are produced according to standards and ensure that Sberland Electric has stable and high-quality product quality.


The factory imports European high-quality core components, combined with self-developed control systems and core components to form high-quality Spelland electrical products, which has become a solid backing for Spelland electrical products "made in China and going global.


The Italian factory was established in 1968. The factory is located in Bologna. It is one of the few manufacturers in the market that can produce from raw materials to finished products. In order to ensure the quality of the products, we must conduct strict inspections throughout the production process. It mainly produces lamp capacitors, motor capacitors, power electronic capacitors, medium voltage capacitors, metalized films, reactors, medium and low voltage reactive power compensation cabinets, active filter cabinets and other complete sets of equipment for various needs.


The production of dielectric film (polypropylene or special capacitor raw materials), the process of metallization, the production of capacitors, and the production of reactive power compensation systems are all completed within their own factories. In order to open up the market, the factory has improved various production management mechanisms. The factory regularly participates in the development of CEI/IEC committee product specifications, so that the performance and safety of products have an objective standard. The factory has been continuously in the forefront of the specification requirements. In order to ensure that the products are produced in accordance with the specifications and recognized by some high-quality customers, our products will be tested at 700UF and 80KV voltages in the laboratory in the factory, or sent to the authoritative laboratory (CEST) for testing, thus ensuring The stability and reliability of the product.