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Talent strategy

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Put your passion into the Sbeland Electric operation. Find a career path that matches your particular needs and aspirations, and we'll provide the tools and resources to help you take it every step of the way.


University graduate positions

We encourage aspiring undergraduates, engineering students and MBA graduates to forge career paths at Spelland and explore a broad range of experiences across the organization.

In order to adapt to the company's development strategy, Sberland Electric has established a strategic talent reserve mechanism based on enterprise development. Through the "successor plan" to establish a talent echelon, form a five-level cadre reserve system for fresh college students, team leaders, supervisors, managers and general managers, and promote the construction of professional talent development channels such as technology, quality, sales, and production. Enhance the competitive advantage of talents. Promote a performance-and competence-oriented talent development system. The results of the performance appraisal are linked to the first evaluation, salary incentive, career development, training, employee optimization, etc.