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People-oriented, hand in hand to win-win "concept, widely recruit the world's talents, condensed a.

The concept of fair competition of talents and the importance of human resources with both ability and political integrity. The talents we admire are those who can solve practical problems, have real talents, seek truth and be pragmatic, and those who are talented but not moral should be used with caution. The company emphasizes the matching of ability and post, that is, the ability, quality and specialty of employees match their posts. Through external recruitment, to attract talented people, through internal selection, to give employees a platform to play their potential. Reasonable flow, dynamic management Through the establishment of training and incentive competition mechanism, the construction of internal promotion channels, everyone's position is not static. At the same time, employees can always feel the competitive pressure from within the enterprise and the market, and convert the pressure into a driving force for growth. Respect employees, pay attention to communication, regard employees as the company's partners, regard employees as the company's valuable wealth. Establish internal communication mechanisms and channels, smoothly convey company decrees, and listen carefully to employees' suggestions and voices.